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6 products
Nurse Mates
Nurse Mates
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Nylon Medical Bag, BLK Black
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Nurses are multi-dimensional professionals who work in a variety of clinical environments. While this means they have skills in many areas of healthcare and patient care, it also means they carry a variety of tools with them. From nursing stethoscopes to medical devices like thermometers and pulse oximeters, most healthcare professionals can benefit from a bag to hold all of their items. A medical bag or nurse bag is an excellent solution for housing everything from penlights and medical tools to smartphones and personal items. The nurse bag has evolved over the years, which means there are many different features and styles to choose from. Most medical bags and totes come with plenty of storage pockets to hold delicate devices and products of all sizes. Discover bags, backpacks and carrying cases in a variety of styles and colors. Here at AllHeart, we carry the most popular, fashionable and functional brands and collections for nurses, including bags and totes from Cherokee, heartsoul and Nurse Mates. Discover cute and durable medical bags made by koi, Prestige Medical and American Diagnostic Corporation. Whatever type of tote you are looking for, we are sure to have something for you. Make it easier to find your nursing supplies with the Ultimate Nursing Bag from Nurse Mates, featuring multiple pockets and a padded laptop compartment. A large, hinged opening makes it fast and easy to find medical devices and essential items. The roomy interior means you can keep more things in one convenient bag, while the shoulder strap and padded bag helps to carry products effortlessly and relieve fatigue after a long shift. Discover different colors and prints for every workplace or personality. If you are shopping for something more compact yet functional, the Nurse Cargo Bag and Compact Carrying Case are both dynamic and helpful medical bags for anyone in the nursing profession. Select colors that match your nursing scrubs. These affordable and durable bags can help you to securely transport your sphygmomanometer. Keep medical devices and your smartphone in one convenient spot. There is something in our nursing bags collections for everyone. Shop for timeless canvas tote bags, traveler's bags with wheels and handles and clinical clutches that combine trending fashion and runway style with the best in function. Other popular choices include our quilted totes, mesh nursing bags and in-bag organizers. First responder trauma bags include the pockets, pouches and compartments that a nurse or EMT needs to quickly and effectively care for their patients. Their bright color makes them easy to see and locate in an emergency. Here at AllHeart, there is a medical bag or nurse bag available for every healthcare professional and every storage need. Browse our selection of bags, backpacks and totes for the option that best fits your professional lifestyle.