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Victoria M RN

Victoria M. RN, BSN @tipsfromnursetori

NICU in Redondo Beach, CA

That's the beauty of nursing, there's so many opportunities!

Q: What made you want to become a nurse?
A: Nursing has always been a part of my life. For whatever reason, I was always drawn to it. When I was about 16 my grandmother was admitted to the hospital. I didn't know at the time, but she had had a stroke. I just remember looking at her and asking if she wanted her hair washed. Just to feel a little better and look a little better, so I just took that role on. Ever since I became a nurse I'm so happy I did!

Q: What experience in your career has had the biggest impact on you?
A: Working in the NICU my biggest moment was helping a family transition from palliative care to losing their loved one. Helping them through that process of grieving and being there in a really raw moment where many people aren't really able to have that kind of experience. I think probably, to this day, that was the most monumental moment for me as a nurse.

Q: What's the best piece of nursing advice you've ever received?
A: Always ask questions, no matter what. If you don't know the answer, then maybe the other nurses don't either and you could be helping them, too! It could be a teaching moment for everyone. So for the safety of your patients and their families if you don't know, find the resource who does. That's always stuck with me.

Q: What is the most important goal you hope to accomplish as a nurse?
A: For me, taking a leadership role within my unit. I'm at that point where nurses can start transitioning into leadership roles, so whether that be charge nurse or another leadership role. I've also been toying with going back to school to get my NP, so we'll see! That's the beauty of nursing, there's so many ways to go.

Q: What's the one item you can't live without at work every day?
A: The one item I can't live without are my Danskos! They're my favorite shoes. And of course my lip gloss. I can't live without my lip gloss either!

Q: What scrubs are you wearing right now and how do they feel?
A: I'm wearing allheart Basics and I really like them a lot. They fit great, the pockets are wonderful and the length is great, too.

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