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7 products
American Diagnostic Corporation
American Diagnostic Corporation
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Clearance Adlite Plus Disposable Penlight, BLK Black
American Diagnostic Corporation
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Clearance Women's Penlight, DIX Dixie
At AllHeart, we understand the critical role penlights play in the daily tasks of medical professionals. Our collection of penlights is meticulously curated to meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability.

The Prestige Medical penlight stands out for its precise pupil gauge, essential for neurological assessments. Its soft LED light is perfectly calibrated for examining patients' eyes without causing discomfort. The penlight's sleek design fits comfortably in any pocket, and its durable construction ensures it's always ready when you need it.

On the other hand, the ADC Metalite Penlight is a reusable marvel, boasting a sturdy aluminum construction. Its intense, focused light is ideal for throat and examination purposes, making it a versatile tool for various medical settings. The LED bulb ensures bright, consistent light, while the handy pocket clip makes it a convenient carry-along in any situation.

These medical devices are more than just nurse accessories; they're essential tools on every supply list. Whether you need disposable penlights for one-time use or a tactical flashlight for demanding conditions, we have you covered. Our products come in various colors to suit your personal style, and every item in stock promises durability and efficiency.

Choose AllHeart for your penlight needs, and enjoy seamless ordering, quick shipping, and unmatched product reliability. We're here to support the important work of healthcare professionals. Order now and experience the AllHeart difference in every examination.