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Compression socks are among the most popular compression garments for women because they are easy to wear and look stylish. Many of the compression socks that you will find for the healthcare field are made by some of the top brands that make scrub uniforms or nursing shoes for nurses and doctors. We also have a variety of colors, prints and materials. If you need varying levels of pressure, no problem. Nurses who are new to compression gear can begin with socks that are 8-10 mmHg. If you are experienced with these accessories or think you may need more compression because of leg fatigue or a health condition, we also have socks in up to 20 mmHg of support. While most healthcare professionals like the socks because of their moisture-wicking material, convenience and fashion, some nurses or doctors may prefer compression stockings for women. Compression stockings can support a larger portion of the leg than socks can. They are also a stylish matching accessory under a skirt or dress.