Medical Grade Thermometers

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4 products
American Diagnostic Corporation
Welch Allyn
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Suretemp 690 Electronic Thermometer with Oral Probe Model 01690-201, 200 Model 690
Getting professional medical-grade thermometers requires a bit more effort than going to the local drug store for an over-the-counter model. For the kind of precision a medical exam needs, you need a better caliber thermometer. AllHeart has done the research for you by searching out the top brands like Welch Allyn, American Diagnostic Corporation and Body Metrics for a level of quality you cannot get just anywhere. Shop our impressive selection of professional medical-grade thermometers for the perfect model for your needs. Wall-Mounted Thermometers With wall-mounted medical-grade thermometers, each exam room can have quality stationary equipment that won't break or get lost going from room to room. These thermometer wall units often include other essential diagnostic tools like otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and blood pressure monitors. These standard medical devices can improve workflow efficiency while providing accurate information about your patient's health status. Hand-Held Thermometers Often, healthcare professionals check vital signs on the go, and hand-held thermometers and health monitors are a more convenient option for those situations. AllHeart has top-quality medical-grade portable thermometers that can fit easily on a utensil cart or scrub pocket. We have digital thermometers for oral or accurate rectal applications that work best for certain age groups or veterinary practices. You've come to know and expect that AllHeat is your headquarters for scrubs, but remember we also offer top-of-the-line medical devices to help you achieve your goal of quality patient care. Sign up for exclusive offers to save money on medical-grade thermometers and anything else you need to make your life productive and stress-free.