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Checking vital signs is one piece of the diagnostic tool, but you only get a snapshot, not the overall picture. For a more consistent, comprehensive look at your or a patient's condition, you may want to monitor performance at home or in a facility. BodiMetrics has created health monitors that can track a range of biometrics to get a better sense of what's happening outside the exam room. AllHeart carries BodiMetrics monitors at a fantastic price to save money and provide more detailed information about your or your patient's health. Collecting Data What can you learn from a BodiMetrics performance monitor? These medical devices can track vitals such as heart rate, blood pressure, breaths per minute, blood oxygen saturation and temperature. The monitor is easy to read thanks to the large touch screen, and you can even use it to set medication reminders or record your daily steps. BodiMetrics makes user-friendly devices with a rechargeable battery and memory capacity for up to seven people. These monitors even have Bluetooth capabilities to pair with your smartphone for on-the-go performance tracking. Taking Charge AllHeart understands that medical devices can be just as important in the home as in a clinical setting. With performance monitors from BodiMetrics, you can monitor several patients in a residential facility or track your progress when off-duty. Shop for BodiMetrics products at AllHeart, and look for other essential medical devices to make your life less stressful.