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Patients with heart conditions may feel the stress of providing cardiologists with an accurate picture of what happens in their everyday lives. Monitoring heart function used to be a complicated undertaking, but with smart technology from AliveCor, it is easier and more accurate than ever. AllHeart is proud to offer AI-enabled EKG sensors and products from AliveCor, an industry leader in intelligent medical devices.

A Better Way to Heart Health

AliveCor EKG products help patients and cardiologists communicate and share data for a more precise glimpse at heart function. These medical devices undergo stringent testing and peer review to determine their effectiveness as a heart health management tool.

AllHeart offers several models of AliveCor KardiaMobile EKG devices that pair with smartphone apps to record and track data. These products can follow heart rhythms, pulse rates, blood pressure and other health indicators to give your healthcare team a clear picture of your symptoms and lifestyle.

A Smart Product That Works

AliveCor EKG devices are also helpful for people who want to monitor their own health. Sign up for subscription services for weight tracking, medication management and other tools that keep your information secure and organized.

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