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The best way to get a clear picture of a patient's health is by using the best diagnostic tools on the market. If you have been making do with a classic acoustic stethoscope, you may be ready to take your equipment to the next level. AllHeart has Jabes Electronic Stethoscopes, a preferred brand by cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons and nurses because of their clear sound quality and exceptional accuracy.

Better Technology

The Jabes Electronic Stethoscope can help you detect cardiac and respiratory sounds that may get drowned out by background noise. This model offers 20 times the amplification of a traditional stethoscope, and you can change the frequency mode with the touch of your finger. These stethoscopes are also invaluable for telehealth because they can record and transfer sound data to your smartphone or computer.

Smarter Design

What else can you expect from a Jabes stethoscope? Not only are they simple to use, but they are also more comfortable, thanks to the angled design of the earpieces. That may seem like a small detail, but after examining dozens of patients during your shift, you can appreciate the attention to detail.

Consider having your Jabes Electronic Stethoscope custom engraved to identify your diagnostic tools clearly. AllHeart offers this service at a minimal cost to you.