Nursing Dresses & Scrub Skirts

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6 products
EDS Signature by Dickies
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Clearance Women's 38" Dress, DWH White
Professionals by Cherokee Workwear
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Historically, the nurse dress was the emblematic uniform of nurses, capturing the professional image inspired by Florence Nightingale. The evolution of the nurse uniform over time has seen the transition from the white scrub dress and nursing cap to contemporary scrub sets for women and men. While men's and women's scrub pants and scrub tops are common in most healthcare settings in modern day, there's a renewed appreciation for the elegance of nursing dresses and scrub skirts.

In specific environments like schools, outpatient clinics, and assisted living facilities, such attire elevates the nursing practice and instills confidence in patients. Brands like Cherokee Workwear Professional offer antimicrobial scrub dresses with practical pockets for tools like stethoscopes. If you're a student nurse, family nurse practitioner, or clinical nurse specialist, our collection caters to every role, even accommodating male nurses.