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A pulse oximeter is a useful tool for nurses, doctors and a variety of professionals in the healthcare field. The science of pulse oximetry is used to measure a patient's oxygen saturation level in the blood. With the help of a finger pulse oximeter, medical workers can obtain key health information from their patients in a noninvasive and painless way. While these devices are often used during medical exams, they are also helpful for evaluation during surgery and after sedation. The pulse oximeter is a clip-like device that uses light to measure blood oxygen levels. These oximeters are tools that can help nurses to find out whether a ventilator is needed for breathing or if a patient can increase their level of activity. They are also useful because they can help doctors to check the health of a person with a condition that affects blood oxygen levels, like heart failure, heart attack or pneumonia. Pulse oximeters are essential diagnostic devices for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and asthma. Since it is compact and convenient, you can take the pulse oximeter with you anywhere. Affordable models allow you to keep one in your medical bag and one at home. You can even store one in your office desk. Purchase them in different colors to match your scrub uniform or the branding of your practice. Whether you are a nursing student, a registered nurse or a physician, it helps to have your own medical grade pulse oximeter. Thankfully, these medical devices are both essential and affordable to you. Discover our pulse oximeters by AllHeart, our affordable fingertip oximeters in different colors by Prestige Medical and pediatric pulse oximeters for those little hands. If you are searching for something with trusted power and accuracy, we have diagnostic fingertip pulse oximeters and performance monitors available. Check our pulse oximeter section for these and other devices that can help you to evaluate your patients, like our multi-use sleep and fitness monitors and vital signs devices. Pulse oximeters are an excellent companion to some of our other medical devices for healthcare professionals. While shopping for your oximeter device, you can pick up blood pressure cuffs and a variety of thermometers and temperature devices, as well as our ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes. We also have stethoscopes for every field and profession. No matter which items you need to finish school, start a new role or care for your patients, you can find them when you shop our pulse oximeters, our medical devices and our accessories for nurses and doctors. Medical grade pulse oximeters and finger pulse oximeters will be a mainstay in healthcare for many years to come. Choosing a reliable model like the ones we have here at AllHeart will help you to keep your healthcare workers' accessories as long as possible. We carry the top brands and highest-quality products for nurses, doctors and technologists, so you never have to worry that your device is both dynamic and durable.