Veterinary Stethoscopes

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Electronic Stethoscopes by 3M Littmann
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Prestige Medical
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Veterinary offices rely on some of the same diagnostic medical devices that medical practices use, with some differences. After all, how you examine human patients can be vastly different from how you monitor pets and livestock. AllHeart carries veterinary stethoscopes for practices that see animals of all shapes and sizes. With the right medical equipment, you can examine, monitor, diagnose and treat your animal patients who cannot always communicate how they feel. Top Brands When you shop for veterinary stethoscopes at AllHeart, you can choose from brands you know and trust to deliver quality. We carry Littmann and Prestige Medical in standard and digital models for accuracy and reliability. Our veterinary stethoscopes feature thicker, longer tubes to help you monitor larger animals or check vitals on anxious pets. Proper Proportions You wouldn't use the same stethoscope on a horse as you would on a kitten, so it makes sense that veterinary practices have several stethoscopes on hand to treat a range of animal sizes, shapes and weights. With the low prices AllHeart offers, you can stock up on several models to make sure you can listen for murmurs and monitor blood pressure and heart rate easily on all creatures, great and small. Whether you need a veterinary stethoscope for yourself or need to set up equipment for your whole practice, you can enjoy savings on medical devices at AllHeart. Take advantage of free shipping on orders over $49, and look for products on sale or clearance to save even more.