What Color Scrubs Do Nurses Wear?

Nurses work in a variety of clinical environments, including hospitals, outpatient centers and doctors’ offices. Some also work in schools, government facilities and patients’ homes. For this reason, there are different types of nurses who wear healthcare uniforms in various colors.

So, what color scrubs do nurses wear and why? This guide explains the difference behind different shades of scrubs. You will also learn what to expect from your work dress code if you become a nurse yourself.

smiling healthcare workers wearing scrubs

Popular Scrub Colors Among Nurses

One of the most popular questions about nursing uniforms is how a team decides on a color. If a registered nurse (RN) works for a hospital or clinic, their scrub colors will usually focus on the company they work for. In some cases, the type of uniform may also be decided by the management team. For example, some doctors’ offices require that their professionals wear what are known as “classic healthcare colors” like dark blue uniforms or light green scrub tops and pants. Other popular colors in today’s medical environments include purple, teal and red.

Some of the more unique scrub hues may be worn because of a facility’s branding colors. For instance, women’s health clinics may like their nurses to wear pink scrubs to promote solidarity among their staff and patients. In other instances, working at a pediatric nursing facility may push doctors and nurse managers to go with fun colors such as orange or yellow to enhance the mood of patients and their parents. In hospitals and other large medical centers, professionals could be classified by the color they wear. This helps patients and staff members know what type of provider they are and what medical care they give. For instance, RNs may wear purple while licensed practical nurses (LPNs) or technicians wear scrubs that are gray or black.

smiling nurse in pink scrubs with young patient

How Nurses Choose Their Scrub Colors

When the scrub colors are not decided on by the hospital or doctor’s office, nurses are usually free to choose their own shade. If you work for an agency and are allowed to wear any color you would like, choose something that makes you feel great. You can also pick a color that complements your field of work. Some care providers like the classic colors like light blue or hunter green because they think it makes them look professional, trained and qualified. Others enjoy showing off their personality and making their patients smile with a little pop of color, such as with lime green, lilac or water blue.

It is also possible to mix and match your scrub colors. Choose your favorite shade of scrub pants and then pair it with a complementary hue or a fun-patterned scrub top. Some popular color combinations include red with black, gray with blue and purple with white. You can even find scrub sets with base colors and fun accent shades on the drawstrings, waistband or pockets. Some of the most interesting and attractive ideas include pink and yellow, teal with gray and purple with black accents. Add a printed scrub cap, a patterned jacket or a lab coat.

Buying Your Own Colorful, Quality Scrubs

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These days, scrubs are chicer than ever. You can pair the colors you love with the most trendy cuts and styles. Jogger pants, wrap tops and fitted scrub jackets are just some of the fashions that will elevate your look during your shift. Discover the scrub brand and the vibrant shades for your clinic’s requirements or your unique personality. Whatever kind of scrubs you decide on, you will be ready to care for your patients while looking and feeling your best.