3 Tips for Choosing a Lab Coat for Men

Buying a physician lab coat may seem like a simple purchase. However, for many medical students and healthcare professionals, it signals a rite of passage. Graduations and promotions are two of the most popular reasons to purchase a new coat, which is why it is important to find one that is both quality and stylish.

The following tips will help you to choose the right lab coat for men in the medical field. Once you find the right garment, you will find that it helps to instill trust in patients. A quality coat will also help doctors and medical students feel more self-confident throughout the workday.

scientists wearing lab coats for men

1. Consider Your Specialty

If you are not sure which lab coat to choose, it may help to know which ones are the most popular in your field. Some styles of men’s lab coats are more popular in different specialties of healthcare. For example, medical doctors have long preferred the classic-fit coat that ends at the knee or falls just below it.

Men who work in the dental field may prefer a style that is a bit slimmer and longer throughout the coat’s body. Obstetricians, laboratory technicians and medical research scientists are some of the other professionals who tend to like longer-cut coats. Medical students and pharmacists often prefer the shorter lab coat that falls naturally below the waist.

Many of the doctors who work in an office setting will have the freedom to wear a more casual white coat than one who is employed in a hospital or an outpatient clinic. In this case, a fashionable short coat with elegant folds and angles adds instant style to a dress top and slacks. Some physician lab coats for the office are even made to look like a designer sport jacket.

2. Shop for Length and Height

The right type of lab coat also depends on your height. If you are taller than 6’1”, consider purchasing a garment that is 44” or longer. A 44” coat on a man of above-average height hits at the knee, which means it never looks too short. This style also evokes an instant air of confidence, elegance and authority. Men of average height should pick a coat that is between 38” and 42” for the best fit. The classic cut is often considered to be 40”, which means you cannot go wrong with a lab coat of this length.

If you want a coat that looks shorter, choose one below 36”. Many of the standard, short coats for medical students and laboratory professionals are around 30”. Shorter individuals may prefer a 36” to 38” fit. To be sure of the right cut, grab a soft tape measure to estimate the garment length on your body. You can also measure your chest, waist, sleeve length and garment length to estimate the best size for you on the lab coat’s fit chart.

medelita osler lab coat for men

3. Decide on Accessories and Accents

Many lab coats come with accents like cuffs, buttons or snaps. Some even have zippers. Think about whether these details will be of benefit to you while you work. Professionals who need pockets can find specialized coats to house all of their tools. Doctors who need to be especially careful of hygiene during exams can find a coat with cuffs or closures.

Most medical professionals do not consider pleats in their purchase, but this is also an important detail. Single pleats and double pleats in the back of the lab coat will help to add both style and comfort. In some cases, the best way to decide if you like these details is to shop them online or see them in person. Browse coats that are the right length and style and then take a closer look at the accents that matter to you.

landau 5 pocket twill lab coat

Discover the Ideal Men’s Lab Coat

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