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Classic Stethoscopes by 3M Littmann
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White coats are an important and necessary part of many people's medical uniforms. Worn by surgeons, physicians, some nurses and other advanced professionals, white lab coats communicate trust, respect and expertise. Because these coats are often larger and less fitted, selecting a flattering lab coat for women can be tricky. that's why we offer a huge selection of women's white coats so you can find the perfect one for your preferences and budget. We offer dozens of different lab coats that you can browse by price, size, brand, features and more. Whether you want a more fitted lab coat or a looser unisex cut, you'll find it at allheart. We also offer many different coat lengths, including short length, mid length and full length. Make sure to take your height into account while shopping for lab coats. If you're very petite, a short coat might look more like a full length coat on you. You can also choose from buttons vs. a zip closure, different collar styles, pocket configurations and more. At allheart,you'll find women's lab coats at every price point to suit your needs. Whether you're an intern on a budget who just needs a basic short coat, or you're an established physician looking to upgrade your women's white coat to something nicer, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. Come shop our wide selection today!