Solid Color Scrub Jackets

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Nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals care for patients in many different clinical settings. The field of medicine is dynamic and ever-changing, which means medical professionals are always growing and adapting. Whether you work in a physician's office, in a hospital wing or at a desk, you may discover that you need scrub jackets to stay warm while you are sitting. Even if your temperature rises while you are engaging in patient care, it is often helpful to have a jacket while you are on your break. Outer layers are also perfect for taking walks outside the facility or for participating in training and employee meetings. Whether you live in a cooler environment or your clinic has ultra-cool air conditioning, you will benefit from a stylish scrub jacket to go with your solid scrub tops and scrub sets for women. Here at AllHeart, our stylish scrub jackets for women feature all of the most popular styles and brands for women who work in the field of medicine. Fashionable solid scrub jackets from trusted names like allheart, WonderWink and Landau help to accessorize all of your elegant solid scrub tops and contoured women's scrub pants. Discover all of your favorite fits in a spectrum of bold hues and classic colors. In addition to these must-have jackets, you will find athletic and athleisure-inspired styles from top brands like heartsoul and Grey's Anatomy™ scrubs. You are sure to find plenty of well-tailored fits from junior to unisex in our women's scrub jackets collection. Our scrub vests for women are perfect for adding style and detail while staying warm on the job. Find trendy jackets with preventative antimicrobial fabric and fluid barriers. Shop for classic colors, bold hues and looks that make you stand out. No matter what type of material or fashion you desire, our jackets for women will help you to feel confident and comfortable. Wear your favorite scrub jackets on top of scrub tops and bottoms from your favorite brands. Since these outer layers are available from the same brands that make your medical scrubs, you are sure to find a warm garment that fits your style. Instead of starting over with a completely new outfit, you can add to it with a jacket that truly complements your top. With our large selection of jackets, you will find something that matches the colors and fits that are already in your closet. If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe, the wide array of garments on this page will help you to put your best foot forward.